Denver Parents Complete Stand UP Program

Parent & Family Engagement | 04/07/2017

MaryGrace Longoria
Parent and Educator Organizer

Last night families from Southwest Denver came together to celebrate as 8 weeks of work commenced in graduation from Stand University for Parents (Stand UP).


Stand UP is a program hosted by Stand for Children for parents and guardians of school-age children. It is designed not only as a leadership development program, but also as a program to empower parents with actionable steps they can take immediately to get involved in their children’s academics and ensure their children are on track to graduate from high school, prepared for college and beyond.

25 parents with children attending Goldrick and Schmitt Elementary schools participated in the program this winter. Principals from both elementary schools attended the celebration and offered remarks to the graduates last night.  State Senator Rhonda Fields also spoke to the graduates and encouraged them to continue to raise their voices at the Capitol and with policymakers. 


During the evening some parents shared what they took away from the program. Thailan Nguyen said, “Stand UP helped me understand the school system to help my kids. I hope that they go to college because I never got to go to college.”

 “I learned how to work with the school and the school with me.  I learned how to provide guidance for my daughters to get to college,” said Glafira Cortez

 “When you have children and you want them to be successful, it is important to make sure they have the information and the tools to encourage and support them when they are growing up,” Consuelo E. Gonzalez said.

Liliana Rascon said, “now, I feel more prepared to help my child better educate himself. I have high expectations for him and I want to help and encourage him in his education.”

Congratulations Stand UP graduates! We look forward to supporting you as you tackle critical issues, such as summer learning loss and early literacy. Keep your eye out for these amazing parent leaders in action!

  *Photo credit: Kell Yeah Photography


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