Parents Discuss New SPF Ratings

Parent & Family Engagement | 11/16/2016

MaryGrace Longoria
Educator Organizer

MaryGrace is responsible for educator and parent organizing.

Last week, parents from Schmitt Elementary School joined Principal Jesse Tang to discuss the school’s progress on the most recent School Performance Framework (SPF) ratings released by Denver Public Schools. I have been working with Schmitt parents and community leaders as the school undergoes turnaround work.

As we’ve mentioned in prior blogs, the SPF is like a report card for all of the schools throughout DPS. It tells us how well schools are performing at the following:

  • Supporting student achievement and growth over time;
  • Preparing students for college and career skills;
  • Reaching out to parents and guardians; and
  • Effectively serving students of all backgrounds, academic levels, and ethnicities (this is the first year that the SPF is factoring in equity to their ratings).

Depending on how well schools are doing meeting each of these goals, they are given a color-coded rating: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. All schools should aim to fall within the Blue and Green categories; this means that they are generally doing well in the indicators listed above. If they fall into the Yellow, Orange, and Red categories, it means that they still have work to do. It is important that schools are adequately preparing students throughout their years in school so that they are prepared for college or career after they complete high school.

The latest SPF revealed that Schmitt progressed from a Red to a Yellow rating. While the overall atmosphere of the meeting was optimistic, parents raised concerns about challenges that the school must overcome. Stand for Children parent-leader Jeannie Nelson said, “I'm glad to see that our school has made improvements, but we still have a long way to go.  The more parents that get involved at Schmitt, the greater chance our school has of reaching Blue status.”

To learn more about the SPF, check out DPS’s website.

For a quick, digestible rundown on the DPS School Performance Compact, click here.

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