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Elections | 10/14/2016

Amy Pitlik
Government Affairs Director

Amy is Stand for Children's Government Affairs Director

Each election cycle, Stand for Children endorses candidates for office based on recommendations by our parent and educator endorsement committee. The endorsement committee considers information provided by candidate questionnaires, voting records, and interviews.

The following candidates for the Colorado House and Senate have been endorsed by our parent and educator members:

Janet Buckner (D-HD 40)

James Coleman (D-HD 7)

Rhonda Fields (D-SD 29)

Alec Garnett (D-HD 2)

Matt Gray (D-HD 33)

Millie Hamner (D-HD 61)

Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D-HD 30)

Brittany Pettersen (D-HD 28)

Kevin Priola (R-SD 25)

Angela Williams (D-SD 33)

Rachel Zenzinger (D-SD 19)


The following ballot measure was also endorsed by Stand for Children’s parent and educator members:

Denver’s 3A and 3B  

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