Stand CO's Statement on Denver's 3A & 3B

Current Events & News, Elections | 09/26/2016

Lauren Craig
Operations & Development Coordinator

Lauren is Stand for Children's Operations & Development Coordinator

Denver, Colorado - Stand for Children Colorado’s parent endorsement committee urges Denver voters to vote ‘YES’ on 3A and 3B, the Denver Public Schools (DPS) bond and mill levy ballot initiative. Stand for Children Colorado released the following statement from Executive Director Jeani Frickey Saito:

“We are proud to add Stand Colorado’s name to the diverse group of organizations and community leaders who are encouraging voters to vote ‘yes’ on 3A and 3B.  By focusing investments in areas we know will impact student achievement, Denver taxpayers can rest assured that the funds will be used to directly benefit students and teachers.” Jeani Frickey Saito, Executive Director of Stand for Children Colorado.

The DPS mill levy seeks to generate $57 million for projects that directly support and benefit students and teachers. The bond—which does not increase taxes—will raise $572 million for priority projects to improve schools. 

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  • Just to clarify, the mill levy is a tax increase, however, the district can issue bonds without an increase to taxes

    October 14, 2016 8:43 AM