In a Nutshell: Bond and Mill Levy

Current Events & News, Elections, School Funding | 06/16/2016

Lauren Craig
State Operations Coordinator

Lauren is Stand for Children's State Operations Coordinator

This November, many Colorado voters will be asked to approve bond and mill levies that will fund various public school projects. A bond asks voters to approve or deny additional government spending, while a mill levy is an assessed property tax that is divided by the population based on their home values.  Individual districts are responsible for crafting bond and levy proposals that address their greatest needs, while also seeking support from the communities they serve.  

According to the Denver Plan 2020, DPS’s overarching goal is to have great schools in every neighborhood. On June 16, the Denver Public Schools (DPS) board approved a new bond and mill levy plan, which was shaped by a 75-member Community Planning Advisory Committee. Their mission has been to draft a proposal that will positively impact every single school in the district and still give school leaders autonomy over how some of the money is spent.  

The Community Planning Advisory Committee was responsible for determining how much money to request from voters and where the dollars should be prioritized. The bond, which will go toward quality learning environments, will be $572 million. The mill levy requests $56.6 million to go toward people and programming needs. The following describes where the bond and mill levy requests will be targeted: 

Bond ($572 million) 

  • Funding for new facilities and expanded capacity at existing schools 

  • Improved classroom technology and hardware 

  • Maintaining of current assets (addressing heating, cooling, roofing, plumbing…) 

  • Updating old facilities to allow for quality learning environments  

Levy ($56.6 million) 

  • Early literacy supports 

  • College and career readiness 

  • Classroom technology 

  • Teacher leadership programs and a principal pipeline 

  • Whole child supports (increased funding for social workers, nurses, and school counselors) 

  • Great learning environments  

  • Increased transportation options  

Now that the proposal has been approved by the DPS school board, the voters will have a chance to support or oppose the bond and mill levy at the November election. Stand for Children will take a formal position as part of our endorsement process this fall.  

For more detailed information on the DPS bond and levy proposal, click here


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