In A Nutshell: Colorado's State Board of Education

Current Events & News | 04/13/2016

Lauren Craig
State Operations Coordinator

Lauren is Stand for Children's State Operations Coordinator

Have you found yourself wondering what on earth our State Board of Education (SBE) does? Or better yet, did you know that Colorado even has a SBE? If this is the case, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled some of the most important facts you should know about the Colorado State Board of Education and their numerous duties and responsibilities. This is part of our “In a Nutshell” series taking a close look at key roles of a variety of positions critical to our education system in Colorado.

Quick Facts:

  • The SBE is made up of seven members, each elected by their constituents (representing Colorado’s congressional districts) on a partisan basis to serve six-year terms. Members are unpaid and may be elected twice.
  • According to the Colorado Department of Education, The first Colorado State Board of Education was elected in November 1950, and began its work in January 1951.
  • Under Colorado law, the SBE is responsible for the following:
  • Providing educational leadership for the state.
  • Overseeing the Colorado Department of Education and hiring a state Commissioner of Education.
  • Adopting policies, rules, and regulations concerning public schools.
  • Accrediting public schools.
  • Intervening when schools and districts consistently underperform.
  • Distributing federal and state funds.
  • Regulating teacher licensure.
  • Adopting academic standards.
  • Submitting recommendations for educational improvements to the Colorado legislature and Governor.
  • The SBE meets two days each month to take action on agenda items related to their responsibilities (above).  You can find the schedule for their upcoming meetings and view the SBE’s monthly agendas here.
  • The Commissioner of Education acts as secretary to the Board. He is responsible for managing the Colorado Department of Education, which supports Colorado’s districts in implementing state and federal laws.  


Members and End of their Terms:

Val Flores (D): 1st Congressional District – Jan. 2021

Angelika Schroeder (D): 2nd Congressional District – Jan. 2019

Joyce Rankin (R): 3rd Congressional District – Jan. 2017

Pam Mazanec (R): 4th Congressional District – Jan. 2019

Steve Durham (R): 5th Congressional District – Jan. 2017

Debora Scheffel (R): 6th Congressional District – Jan. 2017

Jane Goff (D): 7th Congressional District – Jan. 2021

Richard Crandall: Commissioner of Education


To learn more about the State Board of Education, click here.


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