DPS Board Approves School Performance Compact

Access to High-Quality Schools | 12/18/2015

Alex Sanchez
Denver Director and Director of Strategic District Initiatives

Alex leads Stand Colorado's organizing work and engagement with DPS.

Last night the Denver Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the School Performance Compact Policy (policy), which sets clear performance expectations for all DPS schools. The policy also calls for interventions and consequences when low-performing schools continue to struggle.

At Stand for Children Colorado, we support holding schools accountable for meeting high performance standards. This new policy requires that the school district develop clear and transparent guidelines for identifying and addressing low-performing schools. Schools that do not meet the performance expectation will receive interventions and supports. Those schools that continue to drop in performance and struggle for multiple years could face school closure. These interventions and consequences are focused on drastically improving outcomes for kids. Those schools that do not improve after interventions and supports and become chronically low-performing, will be phased out-- replaced with a new program or simply closed.   In approving this policy last night, the School Board made clear that every school, in every neighborhood needs to be a high performing school and anything less is not acceptable and must be improved.

We also applaud the Administration and the School Board for adding strong language that requires the requires DPS to work with parents and stakeholders to develop the implementation guidelines that are comprehensive, clear and transparent. Stand Colorado parents look forward to working with DPS as the details of this plan unfold. Chalkbeat Colorado has a story with additional details about the School Performance Compact here.

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