What's scarier: not knowing

College & Career Readiness | 10/29/2015

Oscar Zavala Castillo
Colorado parent

Next weekend is Halloween and my son is afraid of the dark. When I come into his room at night and turn on the light, I find he can go back to sleep. It takes away the unknown.

In just a few weeks, Colorado will release scores from a new test that measures how ready our students are for college and career. It can be scary to find out how your child is doing with tougher material, but in the same way that it’s better to shed light on what we can’t see, these scores help parents do just that.

See more information about these new score reports, learn what they mean, and see some next steps.

While finding out your child may not be proficient in some areas is unsettling, having parents and teachers in the dark about how they’re doing is much worse. Our students also need to be able to see exactly where improvement is needed – and smarter tests do that.

Making sure all our kids graduate high school ready for college and a career is a big deal. We can’t do that if we don’t shine light on where they need help to be ready. Learn more about how to read your child’s score and how to talk to your child’s teacher about it.

Next Halloween, my son may still get scared but it won’t be because he doesn't know if he's behind in school or not. And, as a parent, I can worry less about whether he's on track for his next step and more about what candy he's eating.

-Oscar Zavala Castillo, Colorado parent

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