We shouldn't compare scores

College & Career Readiness | 10/21/2015

Jessica Moore
Colorado teacher

5th Grade Colorado teacher

I teach 5th grade at Platteville Elementary School.

I can tell you that one of the hardest parts of teaching is understanding how students are performing academically and how this level of performance will impact them as they pursue learning in subsequent grade levels. Thankfully, this just became much clearer in Colorado.

Our old tests didn’t give us much quality feedback about how students were doing. However, these new tests scores coming out in the next month will tell us much more about whether our students are on track for college and career as well as identify areas where they need additional support from their teachers. These new scores will look different from what we are used to seeing because the test itself is different - it is a test that measures how students are performing against more rigorous and meaningful learning targets. These new tests are a different measure of student readiness so we really shouldn’t compare them to the old scores. Learn more about Colorado’s higher standards and new tests here

One thing that’s important for parents to keep in mind when they see their child’s scores is that our new tests actually measure what students are learning in the classroom that will prepare them for the next grade and eventually college or career. We may see that the new scores look lower – but that just tells us we have more work to do to make sure our students are ready. We are on the right track in Colorado.

I am confident that our students will rise to the levels of expectation that we have now set and their test scores will help me establish a new baseline for my own classroom teaching in order to ensure my students are adequately prepared for their learning ahead.

Jessica Moore, Colorado teacher

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