Measure 2A Gets Two “A’s” from Stand Parents:

Elections | 10/09/2015

Jeff Howard
Regional Digital Strategist

As regional digital strategist, Jeff helps to build online engagement to support students and improve education.

Stand parents have endorsed an initiative on this year’s ballot “measure 2A,” which would increase Denver's sales tax to help Denver-resident students pay for college. Across Denver, families and kids continue to struggle with how to afford a college education. Our parents, which come from communities throughout Denver, realize that ensuring our children are ready for college is one piece of the puzzle and affordability is another.

DPS Board of Education President, Happy Haynes, put it best: "There is a problem: The cost of college is outpacing our residents' ability to afford it."

|At a time when our city’s economic future is closely linked to the number of educated workers we can produce, post-secondary education is vital for our kids and our economy. Stand parents felt this was an important decision to put in front of Denver voters this election. We agree.

The proposed tax would add 8 cents to every $100 purchase and would generate more than $10 million a year for the new Denver College Affordability Fund, helping our students attend college.

Up to $4,000 of need-based aid per year would be made available as reimbursements to scholarship organizations and as grants to each qualifying student who needs help repaying loans as they long as they maintain a satisfactory academic record.

We’re proud to support this measure that will make sure Denver students have every opportunity to attend college and join the workforce with the skills they’ll need to succeed.

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