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A "Stand" up day


Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me love my job. For six months, I've been watching the progress of the Early Literacy Act from drafting to introduction to passing the House. When it was assigned to the Senate's "kill" committee, I wasn't sure we had a shot. But when we sent out a call to action, your commitment and support made the impossible possible.

Here's what you did:

• 35 parents, teachers, and community leaders spent their day yesterday talking to key legislators to ask for their support for this bill.

• 7 of our members and staff testified in the Senate's State, Military,and Veteran's Affairs Committee to share their stories about the impact of early intervention.

• 286 of you sent messages to key Senators to tell them how much you believe in this bill.

Thanks to your efforts, this bill passed safely out of committee. 

We've got just a couple weeks left in the legislative session, so we need to hustle to get this bill approved and on the Governor's desk. But I wanted to take a moment and say congratulations. This is a huge victory, and a taste of what we can do when we work together. 

Check out pictures of our members in action and read more about yesterday's committee hearing.