Linda Newell for SD 26

Why Stand supports Linda Newell for Senate District 26

“Senator Linda Newell’s commitment to quality early childhood education for every student is unmatched. From her support of last year’s READ Act, which will ensure that all children can read by the end of third grade, to her work on improving school discipline procedures, Senator Newell has proven that she is a passionate advocate for children. We strongly support her re-election.”

- Leah Miller, Stand Endorsement Committee member

About Senator Linda Newell

A proud resident of Littleton, Senator Linda Newell represents Senate District 26, which includes Littleton, West Centennial, Cherry Hills, Cherry Hills Village, South Englewood, Sheridan, Columbine Valley, and parts of Bow Mar. She grew up in Orange County, California, a daughter of a clinical psychologist and a high school teacher. Linda holds a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Irvine and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and Registered Organization Development Professional. She has been a member of the National Business Executives and the Women’s Professional Network.

Since taking office in 2009, Linda has been a tireless advocate for a strong, supportive business environment, creating jobs for Coloradans, promoting efficiencies in government and responsible policy making for children. She is a bridge-builder who actively looks for opportunities to build consensus and achieve results with those across the aisle. Linda is the epitome of her district: business-minded with a conscience.

In addition to her work at the Capitol, Linda is a proud part of Colorado’s business community. She has worked for both small and large companies in the telecommunications industry and as a self-employed consultant. Her specialties include workforce development, workforce performance, and organizational development. Bringing her corporate experiences to her role in government has given her a unique perspective and the opportunity to marry her passions into sensible public policy.

In the late 1980s, the savings and loan crisis hit Linda’s family especially hard. She has gone from personal success to the depths of financial ruin and back. As a single mother and sole provider for her two daughters, she fought her way back to financial and career stability, achieving executive level positions before moving into the cutthroat world of consulting. As a corporate citizen and self-employed consultant, Linda maintains an intimate understanding of the needs of business.

Acutely aware of the downturn in our economy, the rising fuel costs, and the healthcare crisis in our state, Linda is focused on the issues that affect all Coloradans. She is committed to taking personal action to empower the lives of others as they work toward their goals.

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