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What We've Done

Stand Colorado is dedicated to making Colorado’s public schools strong, vibrant places for our children to learn. Since our office’s founding in 2009, we’ve achieved numerous victories that put us closer to that goal.


- From 2011-2014, educated nearly 8,000 parents in marginalized communities to become better consumers of public education by conducting workshops to help parents balance critical factors to consider when selecting a school as well as school performance data.

- Secured sweeping victories for two school board candidates in the 2011 Denver school board elections. Our members contacted more than 21,000 voters, maintaining the board’s reform-minded majority and commitment to positive school reforms. We repeated this success in 2013 by electing four strong leaders to the Denver school board through a successful parent-led campaign.

- In 2010, we built community demand to turn around six of the state’s lowest performing schools in Far Northeast Denver and continue to organize parents to closely monitor the implementation of the turnaround plans.

- We secured sustainable funding for facilities, high-quality early childhood education programs, classroom technology and more for Denver Public Schools by helping pass a bond and mill levy. We also helped pass a mill levy to provide more Aurora Public Schools students with great teachers, technology, and more rigorous educational programs.

- We led 112 parents in Southwest and Far Northeast Denver to conduct a community survey in 2013 to measure their neighbors’ understanding of and priorities for public education in Denver.  

- In additon, we:

•    Defeated the attempted recall of Denver Public Schools Board member Nate Easley.

•    Defeated a proposed moratorium on new schools in Denver and ended forced teacher placement in low-performing Denver schools.


- Led the coalition that launched One Chance Colorado, a 2011 public awareness campaign that informed Coloradans about the impact of and need for education reform.

- Played a critical role in the 2010 campaign to pass Senate Bill 191, the Great Teachers and Leaders Law, which provides teachers and principals with meaningful annual evaluations to measure their effectiveness and determine whether teachers earn – or lose – non-probationary status (Colorado’s form of tenure). We continue to closely follow the implementation of the law to ensure its integrity.

- In the 2010 general election, Stand helped elect 15 education champions to the Colorado state legislature and defeated Amendments 60, 61, and Proposition 101.

- During the 2012 legislative session, we passed the READ Act -- a bill that will ensure Colorado's struggling readers will get the support they need to improve their literacy skills before it's too late.

- In 2013, we passed sweeping school finance reform legislation that laid the groundwork for modernizing how we fund schools in Colorado, making it fairer for students across the state.

- Between 2012- 2014, we have played a role in successfully implementing new learning standards and aligned assessments that will give parents peace of mind in knowing that their children are getting a consistent and rigorous education, no matter where they go to school.

- We more than doubled the number of Stand for Children email supporters across the state in 2013.


Stand for Children members gain advocacy and leadership skills that last a lifetime. Members have or continue to hold many leadership roles in the community, including:

•    State Council for Educator Effectiveness
•    Very Informed Parents program (VIP)
•    Educator Council Summit
•    Teachers Improving Policy Summit
•    Collaborative School Committees (CSC)  and School Improvement Accountability Councils (SIAC) across the district

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