2014 Education Champions

Education Champions are elected officials who commit to using their positions to improve Colorado schools. We’ve been lucky to have many Education Champions in the history of the Colorado legislature and the State Board of Education, and this election a majority of the Education Champions we supported won.

This year, Stand’s Parent-led Advisory Committee – made up of parents and community leaders – vetted each candidate on variety of factors, including his or her alignment to Stand’s policy priorities, which include: high academic expectations and quality instruction, quality and transparent investments, effective teachers and principals, and effective oversight of low-performing schools. This endorsement process also included a review of each candidate’s responses to an education-focused questionnaire in addition to candidate interviews.

Scroll down to learn about the Education Champions we supported in this election and find out which of these bold leaders won their races (asterisk by name).

Colorado State Board of Education


Jane Goff*
Congressional District 7
Campaign website



Colorado State House


Susan Lontine*
House District 1
Campaign website

Alec Garnett*
House District 2
Campaign website

Lois Court*
House District 6
Campaign website

Beth McCann*
House District 8
Campaign website

Jon Keyser*
House District 25
Campaign website

Brittany Pettersen*
House District 28
Campaign website

Tracy Kraft-Tharp*
House District 29
Campaign website

John Buckner*
House District 40
Campaign website

Rhonda Fields*
House District 42
Campaign website


Kevin Priola*
House District 56
Campaign website

Millie Hamner*
House District 61
Campaign website


Colorado State Senate


Kerry Donovan*
Senate District 5
Campaign website

Ellen Roberts*
Senate District 6
Campaign website

Jeanne Nicholson
Senate District 16
Campaign website

Rachel Zenzinger
Senate District 19
Campaign website

Cheri Jahn*
Senate District 20
Campaign website

Andy Kerr*
Senate District 22
Campaign website

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