Bachelor's Program

The Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) Bachelor’s program consists of an 8-week course: intro meeting, six academic classes, and a graduation. The curriculum is designed to engage parents in activities that inspire broader involvement in matters of education.

Classes are 60 to 90 minutes in length and generally take place in the school where the parents have enrolled their students. The minimum class enrollment for the course is 10-20 parents with the max class enrollment being 30. 

Stand UP Lesson Overview

1. Why, Why You, and Why Now?
2. Your Child's Academic Profile
3.  Develop a Successful Student
4. Build Partnerships with your Child's School
5. Getting your Child on Track to College
6. Creating Communities of Action


Contact us for more information on how to bring Stand UP to your school! 

Participating schools in the program are limited based on available resources and timing of the academic year, so reach out to us as soon possible to begin planning today.

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