Stand for Children Arizona Voter Survey Results

Here are findings from a recent Moore Information survey of Arizona voters:

Arizona voters are widely concerned about public schools in the state and education is perceived to be the dominant issue priority facing the state today.

There is widespread support for additional funding of public schools and voters are also willing to pay higher taxes to provide additional funding.

  •  77% believe the state should be spending more on schools. This includes wide majorities of Republicans and Trump supporters.
  •  68% believe Arizona spends less per public school student than other states.
  •  Fully 61% would vote for a tax increase to provide additional funding for public schools.
  •  Almost two-in-three voters (65%) say they would be more likely to vote for a state official who voted to increase taxes in order to provide additional funding for public schools.

Renewal of Prop. 301 finds support from a wide majority and voters are also willing to consider increasing the Prop. 301 sales tax to one cent.

  • Renewing the existing Prop. 301 is favored by 77% of voters statewide, including 68% of Republicans and 70% of Trump supporters.
  • Increasing the Prop. 301 sales tax to one cent is favored by 65% of voters statewide, including 53% of Republicans and 56% of Trump supporters.

Finally, after hearing about the proposals and programs tested in the survey, 60% of Arizona voters say they would prefer the opportunity to vote on Prop. 301 sooner than 2020, while just 28% would push that vote to 2020.  Half (50%) of Republican voters and 52% of Trump supporters want to vote on the issue before 2020.

A total of 500 telephone interviews were conducted December 5-7, 2016 among a representative sample of voters in Arizona. Interviews were conducted using live interviewers and included landline and cell phones. The sampling error is plus or minus 4% at the 95% confidence level.


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