Roosevelt Elementary School District Governing Board Endorsements

Christina Boston

Christina Boston has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and two Masters of Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Administration and Supervision.  She attended Roosevelt schools as a child, and has spent 18 years with the Creighton Elementary School district, and is currently an Assistant Principal in the Tolleson Elementary School District.  She agrees with Stand that reading proficiency needs to improve, and is a policy issue that can’t be ignored.  She believes this can be done by addressing class size, reading intervention and putting the most highly qualified teachers in positions with the greatest need.  As a Roosevelt Governing Board Member, she would also focus on teacher retention by upping salaries, as well as implementing better marketing practices, to share the many great stories happening every day at Roosevelt.  Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Christina Boston for the Roosevelt Elementary School District Governing Board.

Lawrence Robinson

Lawrence Robinson is currently a Governing Board Member in Roosevelt, and is also the Director of the Maricopa County Community College District Center for Civic Participation. During his time on the board, he has realized that one of the most significant policy issues that needs to be addressed is a reform of the English Language Learner program. He told Stand it needs to focus on data-driven instruction campus-wide, and that the staff needs to be trained to better differentiate between the unique needs of every ELL student so that they can be integrated into regular classrooms as quickly as possible. He also wants testing that better prepares high school graduates for the rigors they will face in college and any post-secondary education.  He also believes there can be cost savings in administrative overhead that can be refocused to the classroom. All of these things, Robinson believes, will boost enrollment, and lead to a growing, vibrant district. Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Lawrence Robinson for the Roosevelt Elementary School District Governing Board.

Norma Muñoz

Norma Muñoz is a current Roosevelt Governing Board Member.  She has also served as a State Representative.  Her experience at Roosevelt speaks for itself, but if re-elected, she plans to focus first on the English Language Learner teaching method to expedite the assessment of these Spanish Speaking students.  She believes they need to be transitioned into the general population of the school as soon as possible to have the best chance at success.  As far as accountability, Muñoz told Stand she wants every principal and district level administrator to be evaluated equally and as frequently as the teachers.  Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Norma Muñoz for the Roosevelt Elementary School District Governing Board.

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