Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board

Lynné Almy

Lynné Almy has been a Middle School teacher, and currently is a Math Interventionist at Pioneer Preparatory School. That means she helps create the math curriculum and monitors student performance across several platforms. She was born and raised in Arizona and attended ASU, earning a Master’s in Education. She told Stand that one-third of all new teachers in AZ leave within the first two years. Teacher retention will be a major focus if successfully elected to the Governing Board. She believes providing strong mentorship programs to young teachers is a good place to start, but professional development must continue up the ladder to allow teachers to be all they can be. Also, Almy believes a strategic plan needs to be created that focuses on student progress, especially when it comes to 3rd grade reading proficiency. Early intervention will help the district break out of what she sees as a current state of stagnation. Almy also stresses the importance of extracurricular activities, not only as a social and educational driver for students, but as a way to get parents more involved in their respective schools. Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Lynné Almy for the Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board

Dr.  Angel Jannasch-Pennell

Dr. Angel Jannasch-Pennell is a current member of the Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board and has a Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis in Special Education. Her entire adult career has been spent in public education, and she currently holds the title of CEO of the KOI Education. She believes a better focus on teacher retention and recruitment will help to improve many of the other challenges of her district. That means having the courage to raise expectations, and retain fewer teachers who consistently perform poorly. At the same time, she told Stand that she recognizes inadequate funding from the state has to play a role in student academic achievement, and she will push for more money to increase salaries for teachers that ultimately will show them the respect they deserve. Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Dr. Angel Jannasch for the Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board.

Richie Ressel

Richie Ressel has spent the last seven years as a Middle and High School teacher.  During his time, he not only coached teachers of English Language Development but also redesigned a New Teacher Induction Program to increase teacher retention.  He overcame poverty and homelessness as a child to become the first in his family to graduate from college.  He believes with the proper passion and vision, every child can attain an excellent education.  He believes teacher retention and recruitment is one of the biggest policy issues facing the Phoenix District.  Teacher salaries there rank as some of the lowest in Maricopa County.  As a board member, he would push for more funding to address this issue.  But beyond salary, he told Stand that teachers need to be given the flexibility to seek and complete professional development.  Ressel also believes Social Emotional Learning needs to be bolstered in the classroom to help cut down on bullying and increase student performance.  For these reasons and others, Stand for Children Arizona is proud to endorse Richie Ressel for the Phoenix Elementary School district Governing Board.

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