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Elections | 11/07/2020

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

We did it! Together we accomplished a historic win for students, teachers, and the economy in our state. Proposition 208 – The Invest in Education Act passed at the ballot box. Thank you for your support to get here!

Stand Arizona invested significant dollars that, combined with incredible work by Stand volunteers and hundreds of teacher volunteers, enabled Invest in Ed to safely gather enough signatures despite the pandemic to qualify Invest in Ed for the ballot. We also overcame legal challenges by the opposition and won an Arizona Supreme Court victory that allowed us to even be on the ballot.

Then, we REALLY got to work!

In addition to TV ads and digital media you probably saw, we also directly contacted millions of voters via text and phone calls asking for their support. During the pandemic, this was the best way to answer questions and make sure that everyone understood what was at stake.  

The issue: Helping to restore Arizona’s commitment to education. Starting in 2022, 1.1 million Arizona school children and teachers will benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars in additional K-12 funding every year. Prop 208 creates educational and economic opportunities for those who need it most.  

The new law will raise revenue to help Arizona school districts and public charters address teacher shortages, hire more counselors, nurses, social workers, and aides, as well as double funding for Career and Technical Education programs. 

There is more good news! 

Quite a few of Education champions who we endorsed were elected to the State Senate and House of Representatives. 15 out of the 18 candidates that we endorsed for the State Senate won their races. 27 out of the 33 candidates that we endorsed for the State House won their races. 

We look forward to working together on important next steps for Arizona’s students. 

The impact of these victories will benefit students, teachers, and our state economy for decades to come. We could not have done this without your donations, volunteer hours, outreach and support.  

Thank you. 

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