Winter Reading Challenge was a success

Parent & Family Engagement | 01/31/2019

Liliana Hutcheson

One of our goals is for more students to read on grade-level. We know that only around 4 in 10 Arizona students can read on grade-level. This means...60% of our students are not reading at grade-level! Those are some pretty sad facts. To make matters worse, during the winter break, students often forget the information they’ve learned in school. To combat this “winter slide,” we launched our Winter Reading Challenge in eight different schools.

This challenge was flexible and easy in that children could read their favorite types of books or use our digital library, as long as they read for at least 20 minutes a day during their winter break. We’re super excited to announce that over 150 students completed the challenge in eight different schools! We’ve been busy hosting pizza parties for all the students who took on the challenge and completed it.

But we are not stopping there — this spring break, we are going to be hosting another reading challenge and hope to help even more students improve their reading results.

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