Why you should vote NO on Prop. 126 and 305

Elections | 10/20/2018

Rebecca Gau

Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director

On Election Day, we want to elect education champions who will stand up for students. That’s why we’ve been busy having hundreds of conversations with voters across Arizona to elect more pro-education candidates.

But there are a few other ballot items you need to know about, and two, in particular, that have us very concerned.

The first is Proposition 126. If passed, it would permanently change Arizona’s constitution and cut $250 million in funding from our schools. This would add insult to injury after all the cuts we’ve experienced in Arizona. We are not alone on this one — opposition to this measure is widespread and bipartisan. In fact, both gubernatorial candidates oppose it, and we think you should too.

The second is Proposition 305. If passed, it will expand Arizona’s “voucher” system and pull money out of the education system. It’s bad for public schools and for Arizona’s taxpayers. A NO vote keeps money in our schools by not allowing the expansion of vouchers, and it keeps the current program as it is.

We’ll keep it simple: Vote NO on both Prop. 126 and 305. Will you join us in pledging to vote NO on these two measures today?

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