This is Why We Stand

Current Events & News | 04/01/2020

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

We have a phrase at Stand for Children that we have used over the last 25 years. Every one of us has a reason for being here – a concept of “Why I Stand.”  

But this year, this past month, has made me more grateful than I thought I could be for our mission, and the infrastructure that supports it. Everything that we are doing RIGHT NOW is an example of Why I Stand. 

Our amazing Family Engagement team launched into action, supporting families on the ground with (so far) almost 600 phone calls, visits, and support. And our Government Affairs team provided support to staff at ADE regarding school closures, advocated for the “skinny” budget and recess at the legislature, and is working to ensure new Federal programs are implemented well.  

Meanwhile, we are developing our next phase of responsiveness. As people everywhere realize how critical schools and teachers are -- not just for education, but for development, socialization, wellbeing, care and more -- we can help shape that groundswell of appreciation into an enduring movement focused on systemic changes to close achievement and opportunity gaps. For our parents, our communities, and our state, our work has never been more important. 

Not only I am deeply grateful for our team that has been working tirelessly to address both parent needs and policy issues, I am also so appreciative for our state philanthropy and policy leaders who have established guidelines, resources, and collective working groups to keep everyone connected -- demonstrating how deeply everyone cares. 

We could all be holed up in our homes right now, focusing on our own families and needs. Instead, I’ve seen an overwhelming positive response, focused on the most vulnerable members of our community – our children.  

It has lifted my heart to see us all STAND. 

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