WHY I STAND: Neli Rebollar

Parent & Family Engagement | 12/30/2019

Neli Rebollar

We’ve probably never met, so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Neli. I am a mother of three children and have been a Stand for Children Arizona member for the last four years.

Now, you may be asking yourself — what is Stand for Children Arizona?

Well, let me tell you just a couple of reasons why I’m so grateful for this organization. They invest in empowering parents by hosting informational workshops, and they give parents like me the tools we need to tackle the reading crisis.

You see, before joining Stand Arizona, I’d been trying for over a year to have school leaders listen to me — but I was ignored time and time again. I felt hopeless, and I wanted to give up.

But then I heard about an organization that helps parents, and I thought I would give them a call since I had nothing to lose.

Little did I know that they would equip me with the knowledge I needed. With their guidance, I was able to turn things around in less than two weeks.

But my story doesn’t end there.

I never thought of myself as a leader — but this year, I volunteered with Stand for Children by running a reading challenge in my school. We gave away hundreds of books to children participating in the challenge.

It is work like this that inspires me, and it’s why I sincerely hope that you’ll donate today.

Before the year ends, consider giving a generous donation. Any amount will go a long way in reaching more parents like me and tackling the reading crisis.

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