Stand Day at the Capitol was a Success!

Parent & Family Engagement | 03/25/2019

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

Nearly 130 parents and supporters participated in our first ever Stand Day.

The goal of our first ever Stand for Children Day was for our parent members to learn how things work at the Arizona State Capitol. After a long day of workshops, tours, and “meet and greets” with legislators, parents told us they were energized by this amazing experience. In fact, they even asked us to make sure we will do it again next year!

We started out the day with Rep. Blanc giving us a warm welcome before we went to tour the Arizona Capitol Museum. During the tour, we learned some pretty interesting facts, like that the construction of the Capitol started when Arizona was still a territory in an effort to show that Arizona was ready for statehood. We also learned that the statue on top of the copper dome is called Winged Victory, which depicts a goddess representing victory and justice, and that it is also a weather vane that moves with the wind.

After the Capitol tour, parents attended legislative “meet and greets” with many lawmakers and heard first hand how the legislature functions from their perspective. Parents asked great questions and lawmakers were thoughtful and kind in their responses. They also attended a workshop led by our Government Affairs Director, Stacey Morely, who explained how a bill becomes a law and how to find our lawmakers. After lunch, parents visited the Senate chamber to get an inside look of where lawmakers make crucial votes. We were also excited to express our gratitude to Senator Boyer and Representative Udall for sponsoring bills that led to the successful reform of English Language programs in our state. We delivered over 400 thank you letters from parents and advocates to them!

In the end, this was a great educational event, and we are grateful to Niagara Bottling Co. and Niagara Cares employees for helping make this event possible. Even though this day just finished, we are already looking ahead to Stand for Children Day next year.

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