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Elections | 09/17/2020

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

In Arizona, a historic effort is mobilizing around the common goal of improving the odds for all students. Proposition 208, the Invest in Education Act, will be on the ballot this year. After years of cuts to education, powerful politicians and their cronies have dragged our state into last place in almost every funding metric. Thankfully, Arizonans across the political spectrum value quality public schools and overwhelmingly support efforts to invest in our schools, teachers, and students.  

Recently, our message was published on the Arizona Capitol Times to make the argument for a strong economy, accountability, and increased school funding.  

“That is why a broad-based coalition of Arizona organizations collectively representing hundreds of thousands Arizona educators, parents, and people of faith created the Invest in Education Initiative to help students and increase school funding while not taxing working and middle-class families. Arizona’s 1.1 million K-12 students, Arizona’s 55,000 teachers, and Arizona’s economy will all benefit when Arizona voters pass Invest in Ed this November.”

What Prop 208 will do 

Invest in Ed will raise almost $1 billion for teacher and support staff pay, teacher mentoring and retention programs, scholarships for aspiring teachers, and career and vocational training for students. 

  • It restores hundreds of millions of dollars annually in K-12 education funding to solve the teacher-shortage crisis, lower class sizes, hire aides and counselors, and expand career and technical education. 

  • It ensures accountability. By law, these dollars must be spent where they’re needed most – on teachers, counselors, aides, support services and career and technical education. 

  • It assesses a small income-tax surcharge on only the highest, 1% of earners. The remaining 99% of Arizona taxpayers won’t pay a cent more. 

  • 99.9% of Prop 208 funds directly support schools and classrooms 

 As a result, students get quality teachers and support staff, and those teachers and support staff will finally receive living wages – money that goes right back into Arizona’s economy. This sounds like a solid plan to us, one that the business community should get behind.

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Our collective voice put this initiative on the ballot. Hundreds of thousands of signatures, Stand for Children staff, as well as 2,000 parent volunteers, and over 18,000 supporters are championing the effort to Invest in Education. We are so close to our goal; will you help us win? Sign up to volunteer here.

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