Now is Our Moment

Elections, Parent & Family Engagement, School Funding | 06/26/2020

Irene Estrada
Mother of two beautiful children, hopeful for their future

As a mother of two kids I proudly watched the 2018 Red for Ed start in Arizona and spark a national movement which ultimately led to meaningful education funding reform around the country. Well almost everywhere. 

Arizona is STILL at or near the bottom of every funding ranking in the country. Or put another way, my kids and hundreds of thousands of other Arizona kids are being left behind while our elected leaders have refused to enact fair and meaningful funding reforms. 

So we took it upon ourselves to safely gather the 238,735 valid signatures and FINALLY give Arizonans the chance to restore the funding to their schools that was cut in 2008 and never restored.  

Now that we’ve arrived at this moment though, our opponents are gathering and preparing to launch a vicious and expensive legal attack that will utilize a system already rigged against us, to try to block teachers from making more than minimum wage.

You heard that right. 

We are SO CLOSE to making it on the ballot. Literally hundreds of parents, educators, and volunteers have worn masks in 110 degree heat to get the signatures we need to make it on the ballot. Please don’t let a rigged system make all of our hard work meaningless. 

We need to raise $500,000 into our Defend Arizona’s Future Fund this week. Will you help my kids, their teacher, and the state that started Red for Ed finally move forward?

Thank you for supporting my family and hundreds of thousands of Arizona families like mine.

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