In Memoriam of Han Jae Kim

Who We Are | 03/30/2021

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

We're thankful for support from donors like you, who make our advocacy possible. This month, we would like to highlight the impact that one of our donors has made on our work. 

We recently received an amazing legacy gift from the family of Han Jae Kim in support of our Every Child Reads program. We are honored that his family saw the impact we are having on literacy and I hope you’ll take a moment to learn Mr. Kims's incredible story.

Mr. Han Jae Kim lived for others. Growing up as the eldest son in post-war poverty in South Korea, Mr. Kim embodied personal sacrifice on behalf of his family. In the early 1970’s he emigrated to Guam so he could work and send money back to his parents, siblings, wife, and young children. He was successful in construction and by 1982 had saved enough to bring his wife and children to Guam. 

Mr. Kim considered education to be the foundation of the American Dream. Being unable to graduate from school and attend college, every decision Mr. Kim made was so that his siblings and children could pursue educational opportunities that would guide their lives toward professional success. 

After he passed away in February, Mr. Kim's daughter contacted us, hoping to make a contribution to an education organization in his name. Her research led her to Stand for Children Arizona, and the family decided they wanted to support Every Child Reads. 


Mr. Kim's obituary reads: 

 “The Kim Family honors their father by supporting Stand for Children. Together we can work to ensure ALL children have the resources needed to find educational success and achieve their American Dream." 


We are touched, and very grateful. 

Thank you from all of The Stand for Children Arizona Team  


Please consider making a contribution to our work!  

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