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Parent & Family Engagement | 11/16/2018

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

You really need to meet our newest team member, Montgomery Stewart.

He is a seasoned organizing expert and has worked across the country on various political campaigns. This past election, he single-handedly knocked over 1,000 doors and has quickly become a key member of our team. He’s also a snappy dresser.

We are thrilled to have Montgomery on our team and look forward to the hundreds of parents he’ll work alongside to bring meaningful change. He will be focusing on our partnership with Mesa Public Schools and spent the last month getting to know the area through our electoral work the Tempe and Mesa areas.

We really hope you’ll get to meet Montgomery in person in the coming days, whether it’s at a community forum or in your local public school. For now, please take a minute to get to know a little more about him, below. His story is inspiring, and it reminds me of why our work at Stand is so important.

Here is our full interview with Montgomery.

What is your role at Stand for Children Arizona?

As an organizer, my role is to connect with community members. Whether that’s with teachers, principals, or parents, my job is to reach out and tell them how Stand can help in achieving student success. Most recently, I spent my time talking to voters about the importance of electing pro-public education candidates. I worked in the Mesa area to help re-elect Senator Sean Bowie, where we ran a robust field program and had a lot of great, meaningful conversations with voters. Since the election, I’m now working with the Mesa School District to fully implement our Every Child Reads (ECR) program. I’m excited about that because I believe that ECR can truly transform literacy proficiency in a school.

How was your educational experience growing up?

I attended two different school districts in two different zip codes. One was severely underfunded, while the other was not. When my father got a better paying job, we moved out of the inner-city and into the suburbs, and this big change gave me the opportunity to go to very good schools. I went from attending severely underfunded schools where students were not given what they needed to succeed in schools where the most important goal was student success. I was fortunate to see both of these sides of our education system, but many students across the nation do not get that opportunity. The success of our students should not be dependent on their zip code.

What were you doing before joining Stand?

I have been an organizer since 2011, working on multiple campaigns throughout the years. In 2012, I moved to California where I changed the scene a bit and worked in another fast-paced environment: a tech startup. In 2015, I jumped back into the political sphere as an organizer for several campaigns. I have a well-rounded history in political organizing.

What has been the highlight of your time at Stand? What sticks out at Stand is the cooperative culture of our team. We look out for one another and are always ready to work together to get the job done.

Why do you STAND?

Education is the most important policy issue of our time and of any time. All opportunity and possibility starts with education. If we can empower our youth and families today, we will change lives and society for the better tomorrow. I am more than glad to be part of a mission like this.

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