Looking Back at 2019

Who We Are | 12/31/2019

Stand for Children Arizona

As we count down the hours, we are looking back at this year. We’ve accomplished so much. 

In 2019, we:

✅Helped pass historic legislation to help ELL students

This year, we helped usher in this new law, SB 1014, that will allow ELL students to spend more time interacting with native speakers to help them learn English faster. Prior to the passing of this legislation, ELL students were required to take part in four-hour blocks of language isolation. With this change, the requirements moves to a two-hour minimum, giving expert educators the opportunity to tailor schedules to the needs of their students. 

✅Empowered hundreds of parents through workshops and events

In just this last year, more than 1,900 parents attended one of our trainings. These workshops cover a variety of topics from getting the most out of parent/teacher conferences to understanding the importance of reading. 

✅Tackled the reading crisis in local schools with proven strategies

This year, 4,000 family members participated in Every Child Reads, our research-based program to help students read on grade level. Hundreds of students participated and completed our reading challenges, and we gave away hundreds of books. 

In 2020, we’ll:

✅ Keep working to put students first

While this year is almost over; next year, we’ll keep working to make sure that every student is reading on grade-level and that parents have a voice. 

We are doing amazing work at Stand for Children Arizona, but we can only do so much. With your help, we can give away more books, empower more parents, and tackle the reading crisis head on in local schools. 

Those are just some of the things we are working on. Please consider making an end-of-year, tax-deductible donation.

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