It's time to invest in education

School Funding | 06/12/2018

Rebecca Gau
Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director

PHOENIX - Stand for Children Arizona, a grassroots parent engagement group, is supporting the ballot initiative to raise additional revenue for Arizona classrooms and teachers.

Stand for Children Arizona’s parent members overwhelmingly support the initiative. Luisa Cruz, a member from Phoenix says, “For years, Arizona politicians have made empty promises to help our schools. It took a weeklong teacher walkout for the governor and legislature to support a teacher raise. As parents, we need to stop relying on politicians and take this opportunity to sign the petition and help our schools by voting yes in November.”

“Since our organization was founded 22 years ago, we’ve taken bold stands for what’s right. Today, we are announcing our support for the Invest in Education Act,” Stand for Children Executive Director Rebecca Gau said. “In the past decade, our state has spent a billion dollars less on our schools every year, even as our classroom sizes continue to grow. We are better than this, and it’s time to invest in our students.”

Gau continued, “Strong local public schools are the backbone of healthy communities. They reflect and reinforce values we care about, like honesty and compassion, and they prepare students to be good citizens and contribute to their communities as adults. This initiative is the next step in Arizona’s future. A future where we invest in education and in teachers at a level that supports our students’ true needs. One where teachers earn a living wage and schools have enough support staff like counselors and school nurses to ensure that our children are safe, healthy, and prepared to learn each day.”

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