I’m going to the Capitol — here’s why

Parent & Family Engagement | 03/14/2019

Carmen Toro
Stand Parent Member

Hi my name is Carmen. I’m the mother of a ten-year-old son who unfortunately fell behind in school because he was an English Language Learner. I didn’t know what to do. I set myself on a mission to find a tutoring program that could help him since the school didn’t have the resources to support him.

Fortunately, I found an after-school program that provided tutoring. The only problem was that my son would have to walk through a dangerous area to get there. I had to do everything I could to find him transportation and keep him safe, whether it was finding rides or walking him there myself.

I do this because I want what’s best for him. I want him to succeed and learn English quickly. Since I’ve gotten him into the program, I’ve seen a lot of progress in his performance at school. He’s still struggling a bit, but he’s learning faster than before and is becoming much for fluent.

I’ve never been to the Capitol before, but I’m excited to go. My hope is to learn more about the process and how the laws that impact my son’s education are made.

I encourage everyone to go to the capitol. I’ve never gone either, and yes, it’s a bit intimidating, but I’m doing this for my family. Please join me!

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