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Parent & Family Engagement | 12/29/2018

Liliana Hutcheson

Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of a devastating reading crisis in Arizona. Did you know that an alarming 56% of 3rd graders in Arizona still do not read at grade level? To add insult to injury, below average readers are 13 times less likely to graduate from high school with access to rewarding career opportunities.

At Stand, we believe that it isn’t too late for these children. We believe that we can roll up our sleeves and participate in meaningful reforms that make a real difference. This is what inspired us to create our Every Child Reads program. We saw the roadblocks, and we wanted to remove them by establishing accountability between classroom instruction and daily in-home parent engagement with their child’s reading progress.

Because of how successful this program has been in Roosevelt, Alhambra, Mesa, and Murphy school districts, we are bringing this program to new districts in 2019. There, we’ll focus heavily on improving literacy, reducing chronic absenteeism, and supporting English Language Learners. These local efforts, combined with our state policy agenda, have formed a powerful framework to grow academic success for kids, and we believe that it will only strengthen and expand with time.

We are working in over 10 schools with nearly 500 students with one main goal: to get more kids reading, more often.

What better time is there to curl up with a good book than during the holidays? Reading is also extra important during the winter because students can lose motivation and start to fall behind around this time.

Students can read their favorite books or use our digital library.

All they have to do is read for at least 20 minutes a day during their winter break and log it on their challenge worksheet. After break, they’ll turn in their worksheets, and students who completed the challenge will receive a certificate and pizza party. We don’t know any kids who aren’t motivated by the prospect of pizza!

Want to get involved?  Before the year ends, will you donate to help reach more students with our Winter Reading Challenge? 

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