Grateful for a growing team

Who We Are | 11/29/2019

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

This holiday season, we are grateful we a growing team committed to making sure every child gets a great education. 


Katherine Isselin
Operations Coordinator

From an early age, she was passionate about finding a way to make a difference in the world. It was through her parent’s passion for education that led her to give back to her community and make sure that others have the same opportunities that she had

Georgina Monsalvo
Arizona Organizing Director

Georgina has worked in electoral and issue advocacy campaigns throughout Southern Arizona. Georgina is a believer in the power of organizing and is convinced that change comes from the ground up.

Atenas Rodriguez

Although her parents did not have a high level of English proficiency, they always instilled in her the importance of education. That’s why she is so passionate about bridging the gap between language barriers in her community and reminding parents that diversity should not be perceived as a limitation — but rather a driver for reaching higher levels of success.


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