Governor Signs Landmark Piece of Legislation

Legislation | 02/19/2019

Rebecca Gau
Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director

Last Thursday, Governor Ducey signed SB 1014, a historic piece of legislation to improve the quality of education for nearly 83,000 English Language Learners in Arizona.

This is a big deal. Reform was past due because far too many ELL students are falling behind in school.

We are so grateful to Senator Paul Boyer and Representative Michelle Udall for championing this piece of legislation. We also want to thank the overwhelming number of lawmakers who co-sponsored and/or voted in favor of helping our ELL students.

Despite the countless setbacks in previous legislative sessions, we never gave up on our students. Despite many people telling us that we couldn’t change a law that had been in place for over a decade, we continued to challenge the status quo. We kept meeting with legislative leaders to pass the common sense legislation we had extensively researched and drafted. We kept informing parents of the need for change and equipping them with the tools they needed to accomplish it. We kept sending out emails and asking folks to contact their lawmakers. Finally, it’s been signed into law.

This victory came for our students on Valentine’s Day and Arizona’s statehood birthday. We couldn’t have chosen a better signing day.

This legislation will change the lives of children all over the state by removing barriers and giving school leaders the flexibility and local control to teach our ELL students how they best see fit.

SB 1014’s passage is also a testament to the power of a grassroots movement. We wouldn’t have worked to pass this law if a local school board member hadn’t brought this issue to our family and engagement team years ago.

We’d also like to thank all our partners who made this possible including: the Arizona Chamber Foundation, Arizona Charter School Association, Arizona Department of Education, Arizona Early Childhood Alliance, Arizona Education Association, Arizona School Administrators, Arizona School Boards Association, Arizona State Board of Education, Expect More Arizona, Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council, Helios Education Foundation, LUCHA Arizona, Mesa Unified School District, Roosevelt Elementary School District, Tucson Unified School District, and Valley of the Sun United Way

Without your feedback and support, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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