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Elections | 11/09/2018

Rebecca Gau
Arizona Executive Director

Election Day has come and gone — but were the results good for our students?

Early on, we made a conscientious decision to support candidates based on education policy positions and not politics. We’re more interested in doing what’s best for our kids— not partisan politics.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that 77% of our endorsed candidates are headed to the Capitol. This work is not easy. We worked tirelessly to make it happen. We sent out 89,535 mailers, made 43,771 calls, and over 400,000 voters saw our message on social media. Additionally, volunteers sent over 13,000 text messages and visited almost 3,500 voters’ houses to get the word out that this election was critical to the future of education in Arizona.

This next legislative session there will be a lot of fresh faces, but there are also proven leaders who have worked with us in the past, including Senator-elect Paul Boyer, Senator Sean Bowie, and Senator Kate Brophy McGee. There are also some newly elected leaders we hope to work with to improve outcomes for all students, such as Rep.-elect Aaron Liberman, Rep.-elect Joanne Osborne, and Rep.-elect Alma Hernandez.

Here’s the list of the candidate we endorsed and won*:

Senate Endorsements:

  • Senator Frank Pratt, Senate District 8
  • Senator David Bradley, Senate District 10
  • Representative Heather Carter, Senate District 15
  • Representative J.D. Mesnard, Senate District 17
  • Senator Sean Bowie, Senate District 18
  • Representative Paul Boyer, Senate District 20
  • Representative Lela Alston, Senate District 24
  • Representative Rebecca Rios, Senate District 27
  • Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Senate District 28

House Endorsement:

  • Representative Daniel Hernandez Jr., House District 2 
  • Alma Hernandez, House District 3 
  • Representative David Cook, House District 8
  • Representative TJ Shope, House District 8
  • Joanne Osborne, House District 13
  • Jennifer Pawlik, House District 17
  • Representative Denise "Mitzi" Epstein, House District 18
  • Representative Michelle Udall, House District 25
  • Representative Kelli Butler, House District 28
  • Aaron Lieberman, House District 28
  • Representative Cesar Chavez, House District 29

Our work does not end on Election Night. In the coming months, we’ll work with lawmakers to pass additional school funding and reform Arizona’s English Language Learner programs - our two key issues.

Will you pledge today to keep fighting to fund our schools and help struggling readers?

*Results as of 11/8/2018

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