Celebrating Lili's 11 Years at Stand Arizona

Parent & Family Engagement | 07/06/2020

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

If you haven’t met Liliana Hutcheson, you probably know someone who has. 

Long before she helped open the Stand Arizona office in 2009, she worked at a Phoenix charter school as a liaison between parents and school leaders. We are so grateful that she decided to join our Arizona team over 11 years ago, and has been helping families ever since.    

She is one of the hardest working family engagement leaders in the nation. She has trained more than 4,000 parents and networks regularly with more than 1,000 parents and students.   

And she's played an instrumental role in every Stand Arizona accomplishment – from winning elections to passing English Language Learner reform legislation to organizing big Stand Day at the Capitol events.   

“Lili gave me the courage to speak up,” says Lucy Maldonado, a parent member from Phoenix. “I was so nervous about meeting with our school principal, but I also knew that we had a bold plan to launch a parent-led tutoring program. Because of Lili and her trainings, we met with the principal and launched the program shortly after. It was an amazing experience, and I would never change it for anything else.”   

Lili is joined by Arizona natives Georgina Monsalvo and Athena Stewart on our Family Engagement team. We are so grateful for their experience and dedication to local families, and look forward to continued, lasting impact! 

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