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Who We Are | 10/03/2019

Martin Ramirez
Communication Director

Hi there! I’m Martin Ramirez, Stand Arizona’s communications director. I want to brag about our executive director, Rebecca Gau. Earlier this year, Rebecca was selected among top leaders to receive the prestigious Women Achievers of Arizona award from the Arizona Capitol Times. 

Rebecca took on the “ED” role in 2014 and celebrated her five year anniversary in May. where she continues to do an outstanding job. In the last four years, Rebecca has worked tirelessly to make sure that our children succeed by increasing the number of students reading by the fourth grade and advocating for education funding.

Under Rebecca’s leadership, Stand has increased the number of parents engaged to help broaden our reach in the communities we serve. Most recently she has expanded our organizing statewide to have a more robust presence in Arizona.

Rebecca continues to be a bold advocate for public education. For several years she has co-chaired the Arizona Early Childhood Alliance where she helped establish Early Childhood Day, a day of civic engagement at the Capitol where advocates get to testify and raise awareness.

Most recently, Rebecca helped launch Stand for Children Arizona’s Day at the Capitol. Initially the goal was for 50 parents to attend, however, the reality far exceeded all expectations when over 250 parents showed up to participate and engage with lawmakers.

Because of Rebecca's relentless leadership, Stand for Children Arizona extensively researched and studied English language learner policies and passed a reformed an outdated system that will help over 85,000 students across the state.

But Stand isn’t stopping. We are working on doubling our membership from 1000 active members and supporters to 2000 people. We are also looking to raise a million dollars for our operation and we are going to do even greater things on the education front next year. Join me in congratulating Rebecca Gau on her incredible, hard work for Arizona children and families.

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