Arizonans Support Raising Taxes for Education

Current Events & News | 03/26/2019

Rebecca Gau
Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director

The results are in: A new poll conducted by Stand for Children Arizona shows that 88 percent of Arizonans believe there is a need for additional funding for our public schools. Even more revealing, 66 percent would vote to increase taxes in order to provide additional funding for Arizona’s public schools — up three points from last year.

Voters also support a large investment in education. When given the choice between a detailed $2 billion dollar proposal, a detailed $1.5 billion dollar proposal, or neither, only 18% chose neither. They were evenly split between the larger proposals which included a mix of revenue sources.

“Voters believe that our teachers and students deserve better, and they are ready to take action — even if that means raising taxes,” Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director Rebecca Gau said. “We need to do what’s right.”

Gau continued, “Arizona currently spends less than six dollars per hour per student. Stand for Children believes that lawmakers can come together to pass an education funding package this year that addresses immediate needs using the higher-than-expected revenue. However, schools also need a longer-term revenue stream. This can be accomplished through legislative action, a legislative referral, or a citizen’s initiative. What is clear is that Arizonans are ready to fully fund our public schools.”

A comprehensive summary of the poll is available for download.

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