Arizona schools deserve another $1 billion

School Funding | 09/15/2019

Rebecca Gau
Arizona Executive Director

On Aug. 29, 2018, the #RedforEd momentum slowed when the Arizona Supreme Court struck the Invest in Education initiative from the ballot.

Many teachers and parents remember where they were when they heard news of the unprecedented court ruling against democracy in action. But we have not wavered.

If anything, we are committed to seek even greater funding than the $690 million contemplated in the Invest in Education initiative last year.

As educators, parents and community leaders, our students have been at the center of everything we do. Our actions as part of the #RedforEd movement changed how we see our responsibility for their success.

That’s why thousands of Arizonans collected more than 270,000 petition signatures last summer to support a ballot initiative that would do what the governor and the Legislature have repeatedly failed to do – invest in education.

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