Announcing our 2020 Candidate Endorsements

Elections | 06/24/2020

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

On behalf of Stand for Children Arizona, I’m proud to announce our 2020 legislative endorsements. We’re excited to support 57 candidates for the legislature in the primary election on August 4 and the general election on November 3.  

We’re excited to showcase several education champions, like Heather Carter (R) who champions equitable and affordable access to higher education, Paul Boyer (R), who helped pave the way for high quality instruction for English Language Learners, and Sean Bowie (D) who worked to increase the number of school counselors. 

Representing both major political parties, these candidates have shown a commitment to improving the education quality and achievement of Arizona school children. 

Stand for Children Arizona does not take its endorsement process lightly. These candidates have been fully vetted to make sure they are committed to our students. 

We know these 57 candidates are in the best position to address many changes that Arizona’s students face. In addition to the continuing issues of Arizona’s reading crisis, English Language Learner reform, and adequate, accountable funding, there is a new landscape for students and families that requires a deep commitment to innovative problem-solving that puts kids before politics. 

In determining these endorsements, a committee evaluated candidates on an education-specific questionnaire, as well as incumbents’ voting records and the candidates’ overall alignment with Stand for Children core objectives. 

Click each name below to learn more about why we support the candidates we’re endorsing in 2020. 

Senate Endorsements: 

Sally Ann Gonzales (D), Senate LD 3

Lisa Otondo (D), Senate LD 4

Felicia French (D), Senate LD 6

Jamescita Peshlakai (D), LD 7

TJ Shope (R), LD 8

Victoria Steele (D), LD 9

Kirsten Engel (D), LD 10

JoAnna Mendoza (D), LD 11

Heather Carter (R), LD 15

Sean Bowie (D), LD 18

Lupe Contreras, LD 19

Paul Boyer (R), LD 20

Lela Alston (D), LD 24

Tyler Pace (R), LD 25

Juan Mendez (D), LD 26

Jana Lynn Granillo (D) LD 26

Rebecca Rios (D), LD 27

Kate Brophy McGee (R), LD 28

Martin Quezada (D), LD 29


House Endorsements:

Selina Bliss (R), LD 1

Judy Stahl (D), LD 1

Andrea Dalessandro (D), LD 2

Daniel Hernandez Jr (D), LD 2

Andres Cano (D), LD 3

Alma Hernandez (D), LD 3

Charlene Fernandez (D), LD 4

Gerae Peten (D), LD 4

Coral Evans (D), LD 6

Frank Pratt (R), LD 8

Randall Friese (D), LD 9

Pamela Powers-Hannley (D), LD 9

Domingo DeGrazia (D), LD 10

Stephanie Hahn Hamilton (D), LD 10

Joanne Osborne (R), LD 13

Jennifer Pawlik (D), LD 17

Mitzi Epstein (D), LD 18

Jennifer Jermaine (D), LD 18

Bob Robson (R), LD 18

Diego Espinoza (D), LD 19

Lorenzo Sierra (D), LD 19

Judy Schwiebert (D), LD 20

Kathy Knecht (D), LD 21

Eric Kurland (D), LD 23

Amish Shah (D), LD 24

Jennifer Longdon (D), LD 24

Rusty Bowers (R), LD 25

Michelle Udall (R), LD 25

Patrick Morales (D), LD 26

Debbie Nez-Manuel (D), LD 26

Athena Salman (D), LD 26

Reginald Bolding (D), LD 27

Catherine Miranda (D), LD 27

Kelli Butler (D), LD 28

Aaron Lieberman, LD 28

Richard Andrade (D), LD 29

Cesar Chavez (D), LD 29


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