Meet Our Scholarship Winner: Giselle Castro

College & Career Readiness, Who We Are | 07/20/2017

Melissa Molina
Development Manager

Melissa is the Development Manager of Stand for Children Arizona.

Earlier this week, we told you about our new scholarship program in partnership with College Success Arizona. Now it's time to get to know another accomplished young winner: Giselle Castro.

Here's what Giselle had to say.

From a young age, my parents taught me to devote myself to my dreams and never give up. They had dreams of their own that they hoped to accomplish. Unfortunately, the circumstances they were in deprived them from that opportunity. Both my parents were born and raised in Mexico, so receiving a college education is harder to accomplish. My father had to drop out after middle school, and my mother was able to complete her second year of high school. That is not to say that they are not successful today. Although they did not advance their education, they have worked extremely hard to provide a stable environment for our family. However, they hope to see their daughter succeed in order to rise above their quality of life. For that reason, I am determined to overcome any obstacles or challenges that interfere with my future success.

All the sacrifices my parents have made in order to ensure a bright future for me will not go down the drain. I have pledged myself to making my beloved parents proud and becoming the successful daughter that they have always imagined. In a matter of weeks, a new beginning will unfold. I will begin to expand my educational background and enhance my networking skills through my college education. I have decided to attend Northern Arizona University and pursue a bachelor's degree in nursing before attending a physician's assistant program. If I want to truly empower others and become a positive role model, it is necessary to continue my educational path. I believe attending a university will offer me a chance to actualize a vision of my own and open up a door to a world with infinite possibilities.

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