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Early Childhood Education, Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 02/07/2017

Liliana Hutcheson
Stand for Children Arizona Organizer

Liliana Hutcheson was the first Stand for Children employee in Arizona

In our 2016 annual report, you were introduced to Luci Maldonado, one of our rock-star parents. But I want to tell you about another family that makes me so excited. Norma Chavez and her daughter Giselle are the embodiment of what Stand for Children Arizona is all about. And their passion and success inspires everyone they meet. It definitely has inspired me.

Giselle is about to graduate from high school and be the first in her family to go to college. But she will quickly tell you that her mother Norma is her hero. Her mother’s example of leadership and determination made Giselle the impressive young woman she is today.

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You see, when Giselle was young, her family was like many in her neighborhood. They had only been in the country three years when Giselle was born, they didn’t have much to call their own, and language barriers held them back. Giselle could have easily fallen into the cycle of poverty and hit an educational dead end. But Norma would have none of that. 

Norma discovered Stand for Children Arizona. Through our training programs, she learned how to get involved and make sure Giselle had a quality education and a bright future. Norma was so empowered by Stand’s training that she and some of the other Stand parents started a tutoring program for younger children that still thrives to this day. In fact, Giselle is a tutor! And even with Giselle soon moving on to college, Norma remains one of our strongest parent leaders. 

It’s not the most complex story in the world – a parent wanting what’s best for their child. But Norma just needed the tools to harness her passion. That’s where Stand for Children stepped in, and the results were life-changing. The ripple effects will last generations. 

With your support, we can train hundreds of Normas, and we can help thousands of Giselles reach their dreams!

If each of you donates $10 now, we will be able to train hundreds more parents like Norma Chavez.

Thank you so much for your generosity,

Liliana Hutcheson

Stand for Children Arizona Organizer



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