Current Events & News | 01/09/2017

Patrick McReynolds Arizona Marketing & Communications Director

As Marketing and Communications Director, Patrick spreads the message about the good Arizona parents and students are doing, and ways the state could help them and their teachers do even better.

PHOENIX (January 9, 2017) – We were encouraged to hear Governor Doug Ducey recognize, in today’s State of the State address, the #1 priority of voters: Resources for education.  Clearly, the Governor heard the message from the poll Stand for Children Arizona conducted last month, showing 77% of respondents believe the state should be spending more on public schools. 

His plans for addressing early literacy and increasing teacher quality align with Stand’s legislative agenda, and we were particularly pleased with his ideas regarding expanding access to high quality schools for low income students. We thank him for his continued leadership.

“We still believe the issue of Proposition 301 renewal needs to be addressed.  And our best chance at a successful restructuring of the vital education dollars would be with the Governor’s leadership.  We hope he will be willing to start inclusive discussions now, to ensure that a high-quality proposal can be completed in time,” said Rebecca Gau, Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director.

Currently, Arizona teachers are some of the lowest paid in the country, and 60% of all Arizona 3rd graders can’t read at grade level. 

Rebecca Gau is available for interviews upon request.  To arrange a time, call Pat McReynolds at 757-846-5732.

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