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Elections | 11/10/2016

Patrick McReynolds Arizona Marketing & Communications Director

As Marketing and Communications Director, Patrick spreads the message about the good Arizona parents and students are doing, and ways the state could help them and their teachers do even better.

Stand for Children Arizona would like to congratulate all of the Education Champions we endorsed this year who went on to win their political races.  We believe they have shown a passion and dedication to making sure Arizona’s children have a quality education that leads to a college education for all.

We are especially proud to have, for the first time, jumped into the Maricopa County Community College Board race.  We believe community college is a vital pathway for students, many of whom from the most underserved communities.  The community college system needs to remain strong and accountable, and we believe it is now set up that way for years to come.

We know that this election cycle, in particular, has been tough on all of our supporters.  We reached out to you on a regular basis to help push these candidates over the finish line.  You did it!  And we couldn’t be more proud that you once again stood with us in this very important endeavor. 

If the numbers stay where they are, and we could still win a few more, here are the candidates we look forward to working with in the upcoming years:


Arizona State Senate:

Frank Pratt, District 8

David Bradley, District 10

Steve Smith, District 23

Catherine Miranda, District 27

Kate Brophy McGee, District 28

Robert Meza, District 30


Arizona State House:

T.J. Shope, District 8

David Cook, District 8

Heather Carter, District 15

Douglas Coleman, District 16

Ken Clark, District 24

Michelle Udall, District 25

Reginald Bolding Jr., District 27

Rebecca Rios, District 27

Maria Syms, District 28

Cesar Chavez, District 29

Tony Navarrete, District 30


Maricopa Community College Governing Board:

Linda Thor, At-Large District

Dana Saar, District 2


School Board Candidates:

Roosevelt Elementary – Lawrence Robinson

Roosevelt Elementary – Norma Munoz

Madison Elementary – Matt Gress

Phoenix Elementary – Lynne Almy

Deer Valley Unified – Ann Ordway

Creighton – Amy McSheffrey

Cave Creek Unified – James Rich

Cave Creek Unified – Janet Busbee

Cave Creek Unified – Kathryn Hill

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