Top 10 Reasons to Vote

Elections | 11/03/2016

Patrick McReynolds Arizona Marketing & Communications Director

As Marketing and Communications Director, Patrick spreads the message about the good Arizona parents and students are doing, and ways the state could help them and their teachers do even better.

Election Day 2016 is just a few days away! Here are a few reasons to get out there and vote:
  1. You get a cool sticker.
  2. Waiting in line’s no fun, but think of how many levels of Candy Crush you can get to!
  3. You can use one of those Facebook badges, because that makes it more official, right?
  4. You can write your own name (or your dog’s) for one of the 30 vacant judge’s seats.  
  5. After election day, you can complain with integrity.
  6. It dulls the pain of having to sit through so many political ads during your favorite show.
  7. Many countries don’t have the freedom to vote. Think about that!
  8. It’s your right, so exercise it.
  9. Um… the future?? Duh.
  10. Because if you won’t vote for your own best interests, who will? Besides, it’s not just about you. It’s about your family, your friends, your neighbors, your children, everyone’s children! It is the most American thing you can do. So what do you say? #VOTE (Did I mention the free sticker?)


Still deciding on who to vote for at the local level here in Arizona? Check out our Voters' Guide for several Arizona races.

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