AZ School Children Win with Prop 123 Victory

School Funding | 05/20/2016

Patrick McReynolds Arizona Marketing & Communications Director

As Marketing and Communications Director, Patrick spreads the message about the good Arizona parents and students are doing, and ways the state could help them and their teachers do even better.

Districts will see funds right away, while Stand works for a long-term funding solution

PHOENIX (May 20) – Stand for Children Arizona is thrilled that Arizona voters put children and teachers first by voting yes on Prop 123.  It was clear by the results that every vote mattered a great deal, and we want to thank our hard working parents and volunteers who canvassed, called, and in so many other ways, helped get Prop 123 on the path to victory. 

Stand has maintained all along that this proposition was just a first step, but it is a significant one, bringing millions of dollars to districts across the state as early as next month.  That is so important to all schools, but especially in the underserved communities we work with every day.  Those students, teachers and districts are severely under-resourced, and need this funding the most.

At the same time, Prop 123 will not pull us out of the cellar, when it comes to per-student funding.  Arizona lost so much ground during the recession.  Right now, two out of every three 3rd graders can’t read. It will take more innovative ideas to get us in the neighborhood of where we want to be, both in funding and in student achievement.

“Compromise is hard.  And Prop 123 isn’t perfect.  But the situation in Arizona classrooms right now is dire, and I’m so glad they don’t have to face the reality of having to slash budgets once again.  This proposition will keep teachers from fleeing the state.  It will give districts a chance to catch their breath.  And now, the hard work begins.  Stand for Children Arizona will keep working to elect education champions to the House and Senate who agree that we need a long-term, sustainable funding solution, and that all children deserve a quality education,” said Rebecca Gau, Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director.

Stand for Children Arizona has been working, and will continue to work on funding sources independent of Prop 123.   If you would like to join our #EdSquad and have a major say in the future of Arizona’s schools, we encourage you to visit to learn more and sign up.

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