Budget Proposal Needs Proposition 123

Current Events & News, School Funding | 04/26/2016

Patrick McReynolds
Marketing and Communications Director

Patrick is the Marketing & Communications Director for Stand for Children Arizona.

Budget Proposal Includes Welcome Gains for Education Funding But Falls Apart Without Passage of Proposition 123

Pro-education legislators still fighting hard for fixes in the budget to key K-12 funding issues

PHOENIX (April 27) – Stand for Children Arizona was encouraged after reading the budget released by the legislature last night. Arizona students were promised more funding independent of the passage of Proposition 123 (Prop. 123), and in this proposed budget, students would receive it.

The inclusion of funding for Joint Technical Education Districts was also a welcome addition, and we know that there are legislators in meetings right now, working very hard to make sure a move to current year funding is delayed and a fix to the small school weight formula will be in the budget Governor Doug Ducey signs.

But it remains clear that this budget, in regards to education funding, is dependent on the passage of Prop. 123. Without it, school districts will have to amend their budgets. Teachers will once again relocate to states with higher pay. And most importantly, Arizona’s children will continue to suffer through substandard facilities and instruction. 

“While we remain optimistic that the final version of the budget will include all of our education funding priorities, we can’t stress enough the importance of getting out to vote for Prop. 123. We’ve heard and understand the debate on both sides of the issue, but the reality is that Arizona children need help now. And Prop. 123 will inject funds into our schools this year,” said Rebecca Gau, Executive Director of Stand for Children Arizona.

Don’t forget to vote in the special election for Prop. 123 on May 17. Early ballots must be mailed with enough time so that they are received by 7 p.m. on Election Day. They can also be dropped off with no waiting at your polling place on Election Day.

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