International Children's Book Day

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Jeff Howard
Regional Digital Strategist

As regional digital strategist, Jeff helps to build online engagement to support students and improve education.

You might not know it, but tomorrow, April 2 is International Children’s Book Day! We all know how important reading is for any child. But it is always interesting to see which books children will latch onto, and which ones become their favorites. That’s why I guess it’s no surprise that the list of our favorite children’s books at Stand for Children Arizona is very diverse. But in honor of the holiday, we thought it would be fun if we shared our favorites with you.


"I was not in any way a 'reader' as a child. I did not discover my love of books until almost high school. With that being said, I do remember with great fondness the book Island of the Blue Dolphins that I think we were “forced” to read in 5th grade. I always struggled with assigned reading and book reports at that time in my life, but I do remember not hating this book and really getting caught up in the young protagonist’s struggles and how she survived all alone."

Veronica Metz
Stand for Children Arizona Operations Coordinator


"The best memories I have was reading to my kids. We have a vast supply of books, many from new authors and many traditional types like Dr. Seuss. My favorite book to read for myself and to my kids was William Bennett’s Moral Compass. It takes you back to the basic old worldly stories of true values, honesty, anger, perseverance, family and basic fair play. These were stories, short and long, that offered insight into many of life’s challenges."

Ed Sanchez
Stand for Children Arizona Government Affairs Director


"Rain Makes Applesauce is my favorite children’s book, not so much for its content, although I did truly enjoy it. But the book itself evokes cherished memories of me giggling with my grandmother. Describing the book isn’t easy. It’s like an impressionist painting of a child playing in the rain. It basically was a collection of funny statements and beautiful illustrations. But I remember my Grandmother would read the ridiculous lines, and then I would get to read the repetitive refrain, 'Oh, you’re just talking silly talk.' We would laugh on the couch together, and often read the book over and over again. Even today, you’ll catch me telling my sons, 'Oh, you’re just talking silly talk!'"

Rebecca Gau
Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director


"My favorite children’s book is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. It’s a classic that would put me to sleep as a kid and I really think the illustrations are outstanding. Perfect bedtime story."

Jeff Howard
Stand for Children Arizona Regional Digital Strategist


"My favorite book growing up was The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. The reason why I loved this book was because it dealt with a farmer in ancient China who was one of the poorest people and found great value in the little things in life. Like many others in his town, he envied the rich family which occupied the biggest home and owned the most plots of land. Eventually, through luck, smart investing, and a tumultuous life, the poor farmer got to a point in his life where he was the richest individual in his town and was able to purchase the home of the former richest family. However, he realized that money, material things, and overall wealth, had doomed his family for generations to pursue greed instead of looking at the immense value of the little things in life. The story closes with the farmer’s sons conspiring from their ivory tower on how they plan to get rid of the land which their family was built upon, thus dooming them to a life of poverty in the near future."

Luis Acosta
Stand for Children Phoenix Director


"It has been said that the best children’s books aren’t written for children, they are enjoyed by children. So in that spirit, my favorite children’s book is The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein. I discovered it on a table in a coffee shop, and after I read it, I was like, 'Yeah, that’s what love is supposed to be about.' Maybe it was the time in my life, or the rainy day outside, but the message that you need to be complete and ok with yourself before you can be a good match for someone else really spoke to me. And with its simple, yet perfect illustrations, it’s written in a way that kids get it and enjoy it too."

Patrick McReynolds
Stand for Children Arizona Marketing and Communications Director


My favorite Children’s book is El Principito by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I like this book because it is about what should be important values to any person: love, friendship, life and nature. What I like the most is how a child’s wisdom can help guide an adult. Sometimes, we lose sight of those values as an adult. They become invisible. This book opens your eyes to those lost values that we held dear as children.

Liliana Hutcheson
Stand for Children Arizona Organizer


Find your local library here and Happy International Children’s Book Day!

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