Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

Rebecca Gau is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Arizona.

Stand for Children was honored to be the organization spotlighted last week by the Arizona Senate Education Committee. It gave us a great opportunity to tell the story of our parent leaders and the amazing and innovative work they are doing in some of the most underserved communities.

Specifically, two of our rock-star parents, Norma Chavez and Luci Maldonado, came up with the idea to create a parent-led tutoring program. The two mothers approached Stand for Children, and we were more than willing to help them formulate a plan, create a budget, and fund the materials they needed.

We had the parents and we had kids that were ready to learn, but now we needed a space and tutors willing to teach. And that’s where Alhambra High School Principal Claudio Coria stepped up in a big way. He not only provided a space for the program, but made it a requirement that his honor students act as the tutors.

That may seem like a burden to a teenager, but as we heard in the testimony from two tutors in front of the Senate committee, they love to take part and get as much out of the program as the young children. Watch Stand parents and students testify at the Senate Education Committee about this innovative tutoring program here.

This humble idea from two of our trained parents now helps educate more than 40 children twice a week. Now, other communities want to model the program that is flourishing at Alhambra. We couldn’t be more proud of our part in this endeavor. But quite frankly, its success doesn’t surprise me at all. When you empower parents with the tools they need, it is amazing to see how hard they will work to help not only their own children, but all of the students in their community.

This is just one example of our parent engagement on the local level, but we are very involved in improving education and education policy at the state level as well. You can learn all about that work on our website, but if you would like to see the testimony of our great tutors and staffers, just click on the link to watch the video:

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director
Stand for Children Arizona

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