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School Funding | 02/23/2016

Rebecca Gau
Executive Director

Rebecca Gau is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Arizona.

Today, we’re excited to announce #EdSquad! Our #EdSquad is a team of individuals who, like you, want to make sure Arizona kids are one step closer to reaching their full potential in the classroom.

As I’m sure you know, Arizona’s system for funding education has been broken for decades and our schools have suffered as a result. The situation got even worse during the recession, when Arizona schools were starved of vital public funding. They still haven’t recovered. Arizona already ranked at the very bottom before the recession when it came to the amount of money spent per student, and sadly, we are still ranked last but the conditions for students are much worse.

We need our elected officials to step up with a long-term, sustainable funding solution. Our goal of this #EdSquad campaign is to significantly increase student funding levels and make targeted investments that improve outcomes for kids.

We’ve got a long way to go. However, we’re making progress toward restoring classroom funding that was lost during the recession. Governor Ducey’s budget proposal moves us in the right direction, and Proposition 123 would restore funds that schools haven’t seen in quite some time. But even if both of these pass, they are only the first few steps to making sure our schools have what they need.

Cuts to our education system have real consequences. We can’t allow the state to enact cuts of any size to Arizona’s education budget. As members of the #EdSquad, our parents are working to make sure we don’t kick the can down the road with funding slashes or shortcut policies. Any proposal that cuts education funding is the wrong direction for Arizona families, students, and educators.

That’s where we need your support. Join our #EdSquad and be part of the movement of education advocates across Arizona who are standing up for more funding for our schools.

It’s easy to get started. Just sign the petition today to raise your voice for Arizona kids. Make our #EdSquad too big to ignore. Your children deserve that and so much more.

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